18 December 2005

Hunter's FID Update

Since obviously, this is what people are coming here for (if they are)...

Hunter finally gave me an update on where he's at with his latest book about me. I try to explain to him that all he has to do is write down what I tell him and get it published, but he moans and complains about things like editing and re-editing, spelling and garbage like that. He'll learn one of these days...

So, here it is...

Friends in Deed is now complete, and in the hands of Hunter's beta readers. It sounds like when they finish up with it, he's going to do more editing (sigh), and then start submitting it around. So, those who enjoyed Hero shouldn't have much of a wait left (Hunter wanted to add, "I hope." We'll keep working on that confidence factor, Hunter. Now, shut up and go get me a bottle.)

In the interim, we've been sitting around while I tell him my next story. I don't know where in the world he comes up with the titles for these things. They're nothing like I'd pick out for them...now tell me, what the heck would be wrong with using The Great and Mighty Aston West Returns to Lycus IV (to Kick Some Major Butt)? Doesn't that sound better that Friends in Deed? I mean, please!!!

Oh, yeah, I was telling you the next title. He's come up with Death Brings the Victory. Fortunately, for me, he says it's just a working title...I still have some time to change his mind.

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  1. A fictional drunk. Clearly an alter ego thing. When you submit the new book remember the advice of uber agent Jenny Bent and don't write your personal bio in the third person. It makes you seem "affected."

    Also remember the Turkey City Lexicon about sci-fi stereotypes. Don't fall into cliches. Use www.agentquery.com 100 pages is but a partial not a completed manuscript. The work should be at least 250 pp. More is the norm such as the well-received "The Rule of Four," a first novel by two never published students, albeit Harvard and Princeton.


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