30 December 2016

2016 in Review

I don't imagine I'm going to accomplish anything in the next couple of days to make many changes to these results, so I'm now looking back at 2016 and my goals for the year, and see what it was that I completed...

1. Plot out a fifth Aston West series novel.

I've had a few nibbles of ideas bouncing around in my head, even before I finished All Good Things, but alas, nothing on the plot side. I've actually toyed with the idea of ending the series with this next novel. We'll see what happens this next year.

2. Finish a third Aston West novella.

This did not happen. I do have another novella out there that I'd like to try and finish some day...but I'd also like to be motivated enough to write some new material.

3. Publish my new Aston novel All Good Things.

 All Good Things on Amazon

This was actually one of the few things I did accomplish this year. If you haven't already purchased a copy, please do so (click the cover to head over to Amazon). It's a surprising thing, how motivation and sales are correlated...

4. Publish another Triple-Shot.

Sadly, didn't finish a single short story this year, so didn't get another Triple-Shot out.

5. Finish the next novella in the Max McCannor series.

Lyndon Perry and I have still not gotten any farther along on this project this year. We still have a few chapters written on the next installment, tentatively titled Runaway, but it hasn't gone anywhere.


Sadly, my motivation has been deep in the bottom of the toilet for most of the year. Hopefully, I have a turnaround this coming year...

I should be getting another set of goals put together for 2017 in a day or two.

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