02 April 2016

THE CURE - 2 April 2016

Time for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

Welcome back to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday crews! Last week was the final snippet from my Aston novel Friends in Deed, so this week I figured I'd take a break from my Aston tales (although not from his universe). Instead, I'll start a series of snippets from my sci-fi thriller, The Cure (the snippet starts partway through the first chapter). Enjoy!
Mila pursed her lips and squirmed, unable to find a comfortable position in the chair. She looked around, seeing peaceful digital artwork by artists with names she didn’t recognize. The distinct stench of fresh paint spilled off the walls. They’d gone to great lengths to liven up the facilities over the past few months. There was no sense in it. Putting a friendly, pleasant face on the surroundings didn’t hide the fact there was only one reason to come here.

To visit the dead.

Please check out the other Snippet Sunday folks and the Weekend Writing Warriors! See below for more info on The Cure.

Vetrasian scientist Mila Groso built a career out of developing cures for the galaxy’s deadliest diseases. After her husband and daughter are murdered in cold blood, she makes it her mission to find a cure for death itself.

Mila isn’t the only one interested in her research, though. The planet’s religious leader sends his minions to stop her from negating the existence of an afterlife. A mysterious mercenary threatens her life unless she hands the research over. It's obvious too many people know what she’s doing.

Fighting to stay alive, Mila must fend off both groups with their diametrically opposed goals and find the ultimate cure to resurrect her family. What once was a potential miracle may end up a greater curse than she can imagine.

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