23 April 2016

THE CURE - 23 April 2016

Time for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday!

Welcome back to another week of Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday crews! In last week's snippet, Mila entered the room where her dead family's coffins were being stored. And now we jump back in...
Silence closed in from all sides. Despite the center’s use of floral sprays as a mask, there was no way to completely eliminate the musty stench emanating from the underground vaults. She shifted up to the caskets, her shaking hands creeping toward the transparent shells. Every visit confirmed what she knew, but couldn’t accept. It hadn’t been a bad dream. Her family was truly gone forever.

Even now, she wasn’t convinced. She’d be with them soon enough. That was the only thing providing her solace, letting her sleep at night.

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Vetrasian scientist Mila Groso built a career out of developing cures for the galaxy’s deadliest diseases. After her husband and daughter are murdered in cold blood, she makes it her mission to find a cure for death itself.

Mila isn’t the only one interested in her research, though. The planet’s religious leader sends his minions to stop her from negating the existence of an afterlife. A mysterious mercenary threatens her life unless she hands the research over. It's obvious too many people know what she’s doing.

Fighting to stay alive, Mila must fend off both groups with their diametrically opposed goals and find the ultimate cure to resurrect her family. What once was a potential miracle may end up a greater curse than she can imagine.

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