29 January 2016


Welcome back, everyone, to another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.

For those who didn't already know, my new Aston West "series" novel, All Good Things, is now available for pre-order over at Amazon through the link. It goes live February 12, and I'll continue posting snippets for the next several weeks.

If you've missed an excerpt or more, be sure to check them out through the following:

Snippet #1

First, the blurb for All Good Things:

 A new ship. A new love. A new life.
An old nemesis could end it all.
Space pirate Aston West never truly came to grips with the death of his friend, Leah Jordan. He’s tried to move on, falling in love with his best friend, Rione Sc’lari. But the memories of Leah’s murder at the hands of twin brothers Lars and Elijah Cassus still linger, gnawing at Aston’s soul as he blames himself for her death. Even though he exacted fatal vengeance on Lars, Elijah has promised revenge for his brother’s demise.
Elijah finally reveals himself, and Aston believes his life is over. But rather than carry out his prior threat, Elijah, possessing a new miracle drug, promises to bring Leah back to life if Aston goes along with his latest diabolical plan. Will Aston risk his newfound love and join forces with the ultimate evil, just to find absolution?

And now, here's the snippet:
Rione turned and looked down the corridor opposite the one that we’d used earlier. I knew what she was going to do, and wanted to object since we had no weapons and didn’t know what we were getting into. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance before she sprinted off, leaving me no choice but to follow.

I wasn’t sure if the corridor we ran through was being built, or in extreme disrepair, but half of the lights were out overhead. Several panels were removed along the walls, and resting next to their openings. My infamous gut was screaming at me that we needed our weapons for heading into the unknown like this. Rione apparently didn’t have those same qualms, as she kept up her sprinter’s pace until she came to a stop near an open doorway.

I finally caught up to her, while I huffed and puffed from the exertion, and peered inside into near darkness. The only light came from the corridor, which barely gave enough to see some sort of huddled figure on the floor.

“We have to help her.”

Rione stepped toward the doorway, but I grabbed her arm. “Something doesn’t feel right about this.” That was an understatement, as far as my gut was concerned.

“Stay here if you want, but she needs help.” She broke free and continued into the room.
Hope you enjoyed it! If so, pick up a copy of All Good Things from the link above. And of course, be sure to check out all of the fabulous SFFS snippets through the link at the top of this post.

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