21 September 2014

90 Days

So, I just finished (on Friday) 90 straight days of meeting my daily word count, and wanted to give a recap. Now, I work full time at a day job, so my free time is limited. Maybe yours is, too. You wouldn't think that a low word count each day would add up, but it certainly seems to.

So, I generally set a monthly word count, and it gets divided up by the number of days in a month (I have a spreadsheet to keep track). On most months, 10,000 words ranges around 325 words per day. Mind you, there are days when I get much more done, when the words keep flowing. But if I'm struggling on a particular day, or my free time gets eaten up by other things (family and other obligations), I still get at least the minimum. Once I've finished with the writing for the day, I can also turn my attention to other writing-related activities, such as formatting my manuscripts for publication, and submitting them for publication.

So, what did I get done in these last 90 days with such a low word count goal?

-35,551 total words written
-Over 25,000 words written on my next Aston novel, Life and Death and finished the first draft
-Finished two short stories, which rounds out all the pieces for my next collection
-Published my fourth Aston West Triple-Shot (with one of the two stories mentioned above)
-Published the second edition (e-book) of Heroes Die Young 
-Formatted the paperback version of the Heroes Die Young second edition, for release later this year
-Plotted out the next installment in the Max McCannor series

So, this past weekend, I decided to take a couple days' break from the streak. But now I'm going to get back in the swing of things once more and see how far I can get in the next 90 days or so.

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