12 September 2014

SFFS: Yet Another Snippet From "Sacrifice"

It's time for another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday (and don't forget to head over to the SFFS main site to check out all of the other authors this week). For those who haven't already seen my multiple mentions, my brand new Triple-Shot is out. This week, I'll be posting a continuation of my previous snippet from "Sacrifice," which is one of this new Triple-Shot's featured stores. Read and enjoy, and be sure to check out the entire Triple-Shot over at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

“Nonsense,” Marjorie insisted with a pleasant tone directly opposite of the death lock she had on me. “Everyone who enters has been sent here for a reason.”

It was time to alter course and go for the direct approach. “I need a stiff drink. And seeing as how you don’t have any around...” I glanced around as if to search one last time. The eyes of the other patrons trembled, but it wasn’t me they were afraid of, even if they’d figured out I was armed by the bulge in my jacket.

When I turned back to face Marjorie, her contemptuous frown and narrowed eyes told me everything I didn’t want to know. For whatever reason, they all feared her, and I really didn’t want to find out why. Anything that caused these fellows to fear such a tiny person couldn’t be good.

Her look morphed into a satisfied grin as she finally released her hold on me. “Then I’d say you’re definitely in the right place.”

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