02 June 2014

Sales Update - June 2014

Hard to believe it's been another six months since my most recent sales update in December, but I do have some updated numbers. So, here goes:

Heroes Die Young has sold a total of 467 sales (print and e-book total), which means 25 copies have sold since December (for a total of just over 4 copies a month over the past six months). This compares to 16 copies sold in the June 2013 - December 2013 range, so sales are a bit up. The six-year anniversary for this one is coming up in September, so we're still dropping well below the average of 100 copies per year.

Friends in Deed recently went into self-published status after I terminated the contract I had. I discovered some discrepancies in my past tabulations (silly spreadsheet formulas) that have since been corrected. In future sales updates, I'll just stick with the total across both versions. As this is a new change, though, I'll list them separately as well. The previous version sold 112 copies (I assume all sales have already been accounted for, but we'll see), and the new version (out since February) has sold 13, for a total of 125 copies (print and e-book total), which means that 25 copies have sold since December (which also includes some of those self-accounting issues on the original version). This compares to around 4 copies during the previous reporting period. January marked the four-year anniversary of this one, so the average is around 30 copies per year. I will mention that my sales of the original version for all of 2013 (counting royalty statements in 2013 and 2014) were 9 copies, and the new version has sold 13 copies in the course of about four months. New cover and a lower price...I think we have a future blog post in the works...

Seeker has gone back into sales mode, and has also become a print title. So, going back to the June 2013 sales update (the last time I recorded paid sales), both versions have now sold 92 copies (print and e-book), so only 8 copies have sold since the last update (compared to 5 copies during that June update), although the change-over to paid happened around the last month or two. December was the 3-year anniversary for this novel, which means we're on track for an average of around 30 copies per year).

Dead or Alive has sold 98 copies, which means 15 copies have sold since last June (for a total of just over 1 copy a month over the past twelve months), since I hadn't yet received reporting at the December update. This title came out in February 2011, which means that we're seeing an average of about 30 copies a year.

The Cure has now sold 107 total copies (print and e-book total), so 14 copies have sold since my past update, compared to 10 copies during the previous update. This book has been out nearly 3 years (the anniversary is in July), so I'm seeing a around 35 copies per year.

Death Brings Victory was released two years ago this past March, and 64 total copies have sold, meaning 4 copies have sold since the last update, compared to 12 copies during the previous update. This puts it on track with most of my other novels, at just around 30 copies per year. Although sales are down considerably in this six-month stretch, I'm hopeful that all of the sales this year of Friends in Deed will lead to future sales of this title.

I have three Triple-Shot collections out, with the first having been released in November 2011, the second in July 2012, and the third in September 2013. 86 copies have sold, so 9 copies sold since my last update (versus 37 copies from the previous update). Breaking this down, 49 total copies of the first have sold, 24 of the second, and 13 of the third. So, since the last update, 5 copies of the first have sold, 1 of the second, and 3 of the third. I do have to wonder whether I'm doing myself a disservice with the similarity of covers between the first and second collections.

My newest title is my collaboration with Lyndon Perry, Escape. I would put in the cover, but my web browser isn't playing nice with Blogger at the moment. This title was just coming out in December as I gave my previous update. I haven't gotten an update from Lyndon on all of his sales, but counting the last numbers I had from him and including my own personal sales, 14 copies have sold, for an average of about 2 copies per month.

Now for the analysis of this latest period:

Since my latest update (December, except as noted above), I've sold 114 books compared to 79  books during the previous update for an average of just under 20 books per month.

And so I have a statistic when people ask (and quite often they do), the latest "total sales" number now stands at 1053 copies (counting all titles).

If we put together the last twelve months of sales (not counting Seeker, which just went back into the paid sales column, nor Escape which has only been out a few months), I see the following:

HDY: 41 (last time, 25)
FID: 29 (last time, 6)
DBV: 16 (last time, 23)
DOA: 15
Cure: 24 (last time, 26)
Triple-Shots: 46 (last time, 49)

Not too bad, I suppose, to have 139 paid sales over a 12-month period...about the same as last time(129)...would still like to do better.

So, until next time, enjoy the statistics, and good sales to us all!

Thanks for stopping by!

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