30 May 2014

SFFS - A Snippet From "Sacrifice" (formerly "Reciprocity")

After taking a week off for my time at ConQuest 45, it's time for another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. This week, we're getting back into the WIP vault. Over the weekend, I completed my final draft for my short story "Reciprocity" (check out the link for the original excerpt) and decided it was time to make a name change (it happens from time to time...the most notable exception being that Heroes Die Young is actually the second name for that novel). So, my new story "Sacrifice" should be slated for my next Triple-Shot, once I finish one more short story. I've included a cover for the second of my (currently) three Triple-Shot collections below, but you can also check all of them (and more) out on my Collections page. And now, here's a continuation snippet from "Sacrifice" for you to read and enjoy:

Braking took a bit more skill than I’d been expecting, where a trio of landing skids dropped from the cycle’s body to the ground, slowing me down. Eventually, I made it onto the main drag through town, and pulled into a spot along the side of the street. The hover-quad settled onto its skids and I shut it off.

Surrounding me was a setting that seemed to come out of those western holographic projection films that I never had the time to completely watch. All I needed was a set of spurs on my black boots and a huge hat on my head. I already had my Mark II blaster, but it was holstered under my leather jacket instead of openly carried on my hip.

But what I really needed was a drink, preferably Vladirian liquor. Then it would be time to find some buyers and take care of business. I glanced at the various buildings while I walked down the dusty street. Most looked uninhabited, although at least one had a bit of promise. The building on the far corner of this first block had huge plate glass windows, through which I saw several adults sitting at tables. Along the far wall was a long slender wooden counter. There weren’t any patrons up there, nor any stools that I could see. But since it was my best shot, I walked down to the corner and pushed open the two wooden slat doors, entering into the dimly lit room.

And of course, as always, if you like what you see, pick up a copy of all of my other short story collections through the links above.

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