29 May 2014

Weekly Goals - May 28, 2014

A day late, but better late than never. Didn't actually get anything started on Resurrection, but still completed some writing work, which was surprising since my weekend was taken up with ConQuest activities. Here's the weekly recap:
1. "Just Rewards" editing completed (title renamed to "Trust and Obey").
2. Edited final draft of "Sacrifice" (formerly "Reciprocity")
Progress toward my monthly goals for May:
1. Complete the first draft of "Reciprocity" (the new short story, estimated 2,000 words) - completed, and final draft completed.
2. Edit the final version of "Just Rewards" (now "Trust and Obey") - completed
3. Write 3,000 words on Resurrection - not yet started
Now for this week's goals:
1. Write 3,000 words on Resurrection

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