04 June 2014

Monthly Goals - June 2014

For those who missed it back in January, I set up the writing goals I aim to accomplish in 2014. Right after writing that post, I then read Dean Wesley Smith's post about how to be successful at your writing goals.

Running a bit behind on posting the monthly goals, unfortunately. I did get a bit of work completed,
so there's at least that. Here's how I did against my May goals:

1. Complete the first draft of "Reciprocity" (the new short story, estimated 2,000 words) - Final draft completed.
2. Edit the final version of "Just Rewards" (now "Trust and Obey") - completed
3. Write 3,000 words on Resurrection - 500 words completed

Rather than write a separate post for the weekly goals, I'll just remark that those 500 words above were written this past week.

And now, the goals for June:

1. Plot out two new short stories.
2. Write 3,000 words on Resurrection

Here's to everyone striving to accomplish their writing goals for 2014!

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