09 April 2014

Weekly Goals - April 9, 2014

Trying to get back into a rhythm...we'll see how it goes. I've also taken over administrative duties for the  SFFS blog (which I've been posting to for some time), because I'm a glutton for punishment. Here's the latest recap on the writing side:
1. Write 1,300 words on Resurrection - Nothing completed
2. Write 1,000 words on the new short story - About 500 words completed.
Progress toward my monthly goals for April:

1. Complete the first draft of "Reciprocity" (the new short story, estimated 2,000 words) - 500 words completed.
2. Edit the final version of "Just Rewards" - Not started.
3. Write 3,000 words on Resurrection - Not started.
Now for this week's goals:

1. Edit the final version of "Just Rewards"
2. Write 1,000 words on "Reciprocity"

Next week, I'll recap my weekly goals and report my results.

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