25 April 2014

SFFS: An Eighth Snippet From Escape

Welcome back, everyone! For those who haven't kept up with my latest releases in the past several months, Escape is a brand new novella I have out (a collaboration with Lyndon Perry), the first in a young adult steampunk alternate history series. In fact, I posted up the first except just last week. It's been a while since I've written anything outside of the Aston universe, so I'm excited to see how my fans react to this new title. And now that it's finally out over at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, you can pick it up today (of course, you can also get a paperback too). Be sure to check out all of the wonderful authors on the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blogroll. And now, here's a snippet from Escape:

Slipping it onto my lap face-down, too nervous to look at it, I mumbled, “Thank you, Mrs. Tittlesworth.” She harrumphed and moved away.

The others just waited in silence and I caught Sadie’s eye. She gave me one of her looks. I sighed and glanced down, turning the letter over. Mouth wide, I nearly gasped. The letter was from my father!

I held it there as if opening it would bring about the end times they always taught us about in the Sunday services. Looking at the postmark, I saw it had been stamped nearly five years ago. I wanted to ask our headmistress why she’d waited so long to present this, but knew better than to cross her so soon after she’d offered me this gift.

Not to worry, I do plan on coming back to post another snippet from this one next week. But why wait? Pick up a copy of Escape using the links above!

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