01 February 2014

Monthly Goals - February 2014

For those who missed it back in January, I set up the writing goals I aim to accomplish in 2014. Right after writing that post, I then read Dean Wesley Smith's post about how to be successful at your writing goals.

One of those suggestions was to report in to someone, whether you miss your goals or accomplish them. So, I to report it to you, my loyal fans, bringing back my old habit of weekly goal-setting and reporting. In addition, I've decided that a set of monthly goals would also be good to do (since they'd end up being more "grand scheme" and would be easier to tie into the annual goals).

So, another month has gone by, and it's time to recap my results from my January goals.

1. Complete the final draft of Fallen - Not completed. First draft and first edit only.
2. Complete the first draft of a new short story (estimated 2,000 words) - Not completed. Only 500 words.
3. Write 4,000 words on Resurrection - Completed with 4,050 words.
4. (added goal) Format paperback version of Friends in Deed. - Completed

Sadly, didn't get as much done as I would have liked. But for those who didn't already notice, Friends in Deed is now out once again for Kindle users (Nook users should be seeing it shortly). I do need to find better ways to shield myself from things like TV and Facebook, because that seems to be what keeps me from writing more often than not.

Here are my goals for February:

1. Complete the final draft of Fallen
2. Complete the first draft of a new short story (estimated 2,000 words)
3. Write 5,000 words on Resurrection
4. Generate a new plot for another new short story.
5. Create a print version of Seeker

As always, I'll report my final results on the first of next month. In the meantime, check out my weekly goals postings to see how I'm progressing.

Here's to everyone striving to accomplish their writing goals for 2014!

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