26 February 2014

Weekly Goals - February 26, 2014

Well, seven more days since I recapped my weekly goals. Here's the latest recap:
1. Write 2,000 words on Resurrection - Completed just under 400 this week

Progress toward my monthly goals for February:

1. Complete the final draft of Fallen - Completed
2. Complete the first draft of "Just Rewards" (estimated 2,000 words) - Completed, with around 2,700 words
3. Write 5,000 words on Resurrection - Still in work, with around 1,800 words
4. Generate a new plot for another new short story - Completed
5. Create a print version of Seeker - Completed (just waiting on cover art)
Now for this week's goals:

1. Write 1,000 words on Resurrection
2. Write 1,000 words on the new short story

Next week, I'll recap my weekly goals and report my results. And with the end of the month coming up soon, it will be time to produce a new set of goals for March this weekend.

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