03 August 2012

SFFS: The Continued Saga of "Genesis"

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback you give on my snippets, but be sure to go visit all of the other writers through the SFFS link above as well.

As mentioned last week, I'm slowly bringing out snippets from "Genesis," a story that I'd written long ago. So, if you didn't catch the previous snippets, here are a few links to get you back up to speed.

Snippet 1 from Genesis
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And then, head on in for today's snippet:
The bartender polished glasses, trading glances between the rowdy bunch of beasts and our table, occasionally watching the passed-out miner for signs of life. None of us were helping his bottom line, even if Duff would have been more than willing to completely finance the bartender’s retirement fund if we had any money.

The front door popped open and snow rushed inside on a blast of frigid air. Every conscious customer turned to watch this new arrival step inside, slamming the door closed and stomping snow off huge black boots.

I finally got a glimpse of the man underneath as he peeled off his white scarf and lowered the matching hood. He also had the added bonus of a patch on his left eye, jet black to match his disheveled hair. A rather vicious scar ran underneath his one good eye, and I idly wondered whether the scar and the patch were related, but only for a moment before I went back to my business.

Duff, unfortunately, was socially inept and continued to gawk. A few moments passed before I smacked the back of his head. He turned to me, eyes narrowed.

Be sure to come back next week for yet another installment. Again, I always enjoy your comments!


  1. If trouble wasn't going to start before, it will now. I can just feel it!

  2. It does sort of have that *cue ominous music; crescendo* feel to it. ;-)

  3. And the stranger doesn't like to be stared at?

  4. This new character adds to the already interesting dynamic in this bar. The details are lovely. Really puts the reader there.

  5. Oh, the stranger has other things to worry about besides being stared at...but we'll get to that in the coming weeks. :-)

    The dynamic in this bar are about to get even more exciting. Stay tuned! :-)

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  7. Hrm, let me try that again: There are not enough women trying to kill all the men in this bar, could you please correct this oversight? Just kidding, I really like where you are going with this.

  8. Maybe if there had been more women in the bar (despite them trying to kill all the men), there wouldn't be all the anger issues coming along in the next few snippets. Oops, spoiler......


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