25 June 2012

Sharing Your Wisdom

So, in case you haven't checked out the right side of my blog, there are a number of blogs I try to read up on when I get the chance. When I do, sometimes there are great posts I'd like to share with the world. Now, copying the link and pasting it into my various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) isn't all that hard, just very time-consuming. If you notice on each of my blog posts, there are a set of sharing buttons where I can easily click a button, and then share it immediately with my friends and fans.

So, if you don't have those sharing buttons, one of two things is going to happen. I'll either decide it's not worth going to the effort of sharing your posts...or I'll spend way too much time going through the process, and not have enough time to read all of the other blogs I want to (and if there are ten blogs ahead of yours, and the first three don't have sharing buttons, your might not get read at all).

So, in an effort to allow everyone to be read, and to make it easy to share your words of wisdom with the world, I'm going to bring you a step-by-step guide on how to add sharing buttons to your blog post template (so that they'll always show up).

First, if you aren't using the "new" blogger interface, upgrade...it's not going to kill you (it's not Facebook, after all), and all of my instructions are going to have pictures from the new interface.

Now, the steps:

Step 1. Sign in to your blog, and select Dashboard. If you've upgraded to the new interface, it should look similar to the picture below (on the left, you may need to select "Layout" as shown):

Step 2. Scroll down to where you have Blog Posts listed, and select the Edit button as shown here (which should bring up a new window for editing):

Step 3. In the new window that comes up, you'll likely need to scroll down until you see the Show Share Buttons option. Select that box and make sure to save your work...

Now, if you visit your blog (you may have to refresh the browser), you should see share buttons at the bottom of each of your blog posts, similar to what I show in the picture here:

So, now hopefully you've upgraded your blog, and will make it easier for me (and anyone who visits your blog) to share your words of wisdom with the world. And hey, if you know anyone else who hasn't yet set up sharing, feel free to share my post with them as well.


  1. Holy cow, that's all I gotta do???? Sheesh, I thought it was some big process.

  2. Okay, you made it sound so simple, but I can't get them to show up. And yes, I refreshed. I even had my hubby check it on his tablet...

  3. Nope, it *is* simple...and glad you figured out that the customized template was causing you grief. I see your share buttons are now prominently displayed (and I just used a pair of them on your most recent post). ;-)


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