14 June 2012

Self-Publishing: Not Just For Hacks Like Me

For those who've been following me for a while, you'll know that I often times give my thoughts and statistics about self-publishing. Of course, there will always be those nay-say my posts...I don't sell astronomical amounts of books, I'm not the world's premiere authority on publishing. But heck, when most of my commentary matches up with an author who originally signed a deal for six books with HarperCollins who has now decided to go it alone herself, maybe I do have a few smarts in the noggin after all.

For comparison, my three-post series on "Why Self-Publishing?" (and so far, many of the items between the two match up):

Why Self-Publishing? (1)
Why Self-Publishing? (2)
Why Self-Publishing? (3)

So, there you have it...

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