08 May 2012

Weekly Goals - May 8, 2012

It's becoming obvious that getting out new material at the moment is going to be a trick. With two events coming up this month and next, I've decided to shift gears a little, and move onto more relevant (and hopefully attainable) goals:

Results for the week:

1. None
2. None

And now the goals for this week:

1. Finish formatting the paperback version of Death Brings Victory
2. Complete new bookmark templates for Death Brings Victory


  1. Goals are always helpful. Sticking to them....that's the real trick. I've yet to meet any of my goals on my next book.

  2. Somewhere on this blog, I gave hints for how to set goals and reach them...I may need to go re-visit my own material, and take down some pointers again..


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