11 May 2012

SFFS: A Snippet From SEEKER

Welcome to yet another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. Thanks for all the comments that you give, and be sure to go visit all of the other SFFS writers through that link and read even more tales.

For those who haven't yet read my novella, Seeker, I'm giving a little snippet from the middle of that one today. And be sure to stop on by and pick up a copy for only 99 cents! Sometimes, a little goodwill doesn't always go as far as you'd think, as Aston discovers in today's snippet:

The old man’s dim eyes had fire within. His steps were firm against the plush carpet as he closed the distance with surprising speed.

“Mister West, I trust your accommodations are adequate.”

“Certainly. Thanks again for putting me up.”

He glanced at my shirt and pants. “I see you took advantage of the sonic cleanser.”

To move this along, I decided for a change of pace, and went with a pleasant disposition. “That’s a pretty sweet deal.”

“Fortunately, you also know how to use a shower cube.”

So much for being pleasant.


  1. No one is every nice to poor Aston, for very long anyways.

  2. Certainly not...it comes with the position in life he's placed himself, I'm afraid.

  3. Aston has that great wry wit about him that makes him incessantly likeable--great job with the dialog, as usual!

    I have SEEKER loaded on my Kindle and am looking forward to jumping into it soon.

  4. Ooh, pretty cover!

    Does anything every go *right* for Aston? Just once?

  5. SEEKER is on my kindle app on my phone and in the queue for my Summer reading list! I've got it figured, Aston just has that kind of face...

  6. Thanks, Heidi! Dialogue has always seemed to come easy to me...not sure why.

    Misa, that cover was one of the many that I've had come from TK Toppin...quite the talented lady. :-)

    And sometimes things go right for Aston, but if I start getting him used to it, he might start expecting it all the time.

    JC, you have the plot figured out? Hopefully I can pull a few surprised out of my hat. ;-)

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by and commenting!

  7. I wish I had a sonic cleaner...no idea what it means, but beats getting wet every time you wash, right? Unless it blast the ick off you with sound waves. There goes my balance chip... Great snip as usual. Hey, you back talking about me again? ;P

  8. I guess you haven't read it yet...but you almost had it right. It's for clothes instead of people (the shower cube is for the body ;-D )

    I'd love to have one myself...imagine getting clean clothes in mere moments instead of spending hours with the washer and dryer (or clothesline).

  9. Oh, he always gets people back when they wrong him...it just sort of happens that way. ;-)

  10. Great cover!
    People can be so rude, can't they! Must get it, because the dialogue is fantastic!
    well done!

  11. The sonic cleaner sound great! So does the shower cube. I gather he was a little ripe when he arrived?

  12. CP, wealthy people (such as this fellow is) can often be rude to those they feel are beneath them (such as Aston is)...

    Yes, Sue Ann, he doesn't get to avail himself of those services all that often in his travels...

    Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

  13. Great cover. Love the last line. :-)

  14. Lol, why doesn't the guy just say he stank and save all the small talk, sheesh! :P

  15. Poor Aston. I would be nice to him. Probably.

  16. Well, Pippa...rich people like to dance around issues, is all I can figure. :-)

    Thanks to everyone for their comments!


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