18 May 2012


Welcome to yet another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. Thanks for all the comments that you leave, and be sure to go visit all of the other SFFS writers through that link above and read even more snippets from some great authors.

For those who may or may not know, I recently finished all of my work on the paperback version of my latest novel, Death Brings Victory. So, in anticipation of it finally coming available (sometime soon, I hope), I'll be providing another snippet from that novel today. In this one, Aston and Rione have just returned from a strike mission and are undergoing a bit of a celebration with their Rulusian crewmates:

Dillager smiled and repeated the toast, “To victory!”

The two Rulusians again gulped down their drinks. I tipped my glass until the fluid reached my lips and pretended to drink. Bad things happened when I drank too much Jungle Juice, and I had no intention of passing out before I wanted to.

Rione, however, finished the whole glass off.

“Careful,” I warned.

She laughed under her breath. “This is supposed to be a celebration, isn’t it?”

“That’s the spirit!” Dillager poured another round.
I wouldn't want to be Rione, that's for sure...those who read my first book, Heroes Die Young, know exactly what's about to happen to her. For the rest of you, you'll just have to find out yourselves. *smile*

And for those who think they might be interested in Death Brings Victory, check out this blurb:

Aston West just escaped death at the pair of psychotic twin brothers, only to take refuge in a war zone. Fighting alongside his friend Rione Sc’lari, he hopes to help the underdog Torian rebels gain the upper hand against their government. Trouble is, his friendship blossoms into a love that he can’t let happen, or risk Rione dying just like the last woman he had feelings for.

The Torian government drives Aston and Rione into hiding, bringing them even closer. As the noose tightens, he must find a way to save Rione and himself from the brink of destruction. Their only chance to end the war rests on a plot fashioned from bloodlust and vengeance. Aston must decide how far he’s willing to go, both with his love for Rione and his thirst for revenge.