03 February 2012

SFFS: A Snippet From "Lifeline"

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. Once again, make sure to check out all the other authors involved via the site link above when you're done reading. For those who were not aware, I have an eleven-story collection Dead or Alive featuring my space pirate Aston West through the folks at ResAliens Press, and you can pick up the e-book version here (a paperback version is also available). Today's snippet comes from one of the included stories, "Lifeline":

She’d drugged me, there was no mistaking it.

The walls in front of me were decayed gray stone, overgrown with fuzzy mildew. I stood with my back flat against a table. Nothing but cold metal touched my backside. A rush of frigid air flew under a thin gown draped over me. I shivered.

I didn’t have my jacket, so couldn’t contact my ship’s computer to get my current location, or come and pick me up. I had no clothes on, and that was disturbing because I didn’t see any sign of the woman who’d given me a drink.

A male voice spoke behind me. “Ah, you’re awake.”

"Lifeline" was a top-ten finisher in the 2009 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll. I highly encourage everyone to go pick up a copy of the full collection, especially with this month's discounted price. Enjoy!