24 February 2012


Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday here on the blog. As you may or may not know, I'll be without dependable internet access for a few weeks, but will be coming on to comment when I get the chance. So, feel free to leave comments...I'm not ignoring anyone, honest! :-)

Again, for those who may or may not know, I've recently finished up final edits on my latest Aston novel Death Brings Victory (debating whether to keep "the" in the title). So, with that in mind, I'm offering up a small snippet from that one. And since it seems like Aston is always falling into trouble (even going so far as last week's post bringing people to wonder if we should re-name Murphy's Law as Aston's Law), I figured this one would have Aston in one of his other roles, that of kicking butt and taking names. To set this one up, Aston and Rione (and her trusty disintegrator cannon) are storming a government spy satellite on a strike mission...

She punched in a series of numbers and a green light flashed on the keypad. The hatch slid open and we rushed in, catching two pale Torians in white lab coats off-guard. Rione fired off a shot as one of them grabbed for a laser pistol resting on the counter.

His body decomposed amidst gut-wrenching screams, and her cannon whined through its recharge cycle. The other technician tried to take advantage of the respite and grabbed for the same pistol.

I fired my blaster, striking his arm with far less dramatic effect. He grabbed the injured limb, cursing.

“Step away from the console,” I demanded. “You get shot in the chest next time.”

If you enjoyed this, be on the lookout, because a full first chapter is bound to be making the rounds soon...and in the meantime, check out all of my novels!

And again for a reminder, for the next several weeks I'll have sporadic internet access, so may or may not have a chance to sign up for the list properly. I do intend to keep my posts going each Saturday, and hope you'll stop on by. I'll answer all comments when I get the chance... ;-)


  1. His co-worker gets disintegrated and he reaches for the same gun? Not too bright, eh?

  2. Great snippet. I LIKE Aston's Law :-D (If I say so myself...) though he seems a tad more in control here, thankfully...

  3. Ooh, better do as she says! Great, action-packed snippet!

  4. Very exciting snippet. It was easy for me to picture what was going on. The prose read smoothly and the writing was tight which aided the suspenseful tone. Great snippet. Can't wait for more!

  5. May I just say that I'm in danger of falling hard for Aston? I like to see this action snippet. Nice to see him controlling the situation.

    Have a good time and don't forget the bug spray!

  6. Oh exciting!! Disintegrator cannons, people dying...can't wait for its release!!

  7. Love the action sequences! Good pacing.

    I would hate to be on the receiving end of that disintegrator cannon.

  8. I hope the men in lab coats were guilty of something. (Besides stupidity.)

  9. Finally able to get in and put down some comments in response...

    Cassandra, he definitely wasn't too bright. Some people confuse stupidity with bravery. Thankfully, Aston isn't one of them... :-)

    Laurel, there's definitely enough of Aston's Law to go around...hee hee.

    Gayle, Rione is one bad-ass woman...I know *I'd* do what she told me to... ;-)

    Glad you enjoyed it, Nicole. :-D

    JC, nothing to be ashamed of...Aston's had many fall hard for him. ;-)

    TK, it's definitely going to be a great one. Can't wait to get in and finally release it to the public.

    Most of my stories tend to be fast-paced, Misa...but I do slow it down here and there to make things enjoyable for everyone. Too much on the fast end will make people exhausted.

    Glad you enjoyed it, Patrick. Definitely wouldn't want to be there either...and it's weird, because it's outlawed almost everywhere, but it seems like everyone had one. Go figure...

    Definitely, Melissa! :-)

    Anonymous, they may have just been guilty of doing their jobs, but this particular satellite was being used for some rather nasty reasons...

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!


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