02 December 2011

SFFS: An Excerpt from "Temptation"

Nearly missed the deadline for getting in on this week's Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. It's been a heck of a busy week. But thankfully, I'm all signed up, and once again bringing out the first draft material. First off, a big thanks to TK Toppin for great reviews on my first Aston West Triple-Shot. I always enjoy feedback, as it keeps me motivated to put out new material. And now, without further comment, I present a snippet from my new Aston West short story "Temptation":

“You look like someone who’s down on his luck,” came a sultry voice from beside me.

I lifted an eyebrow and turned to look, my other hand instinctively grabbing my Mark II blaster. With one glance at the woman standing there, my grip on the weapon relaxed, though my grip on the bottle didn’t.

“You might say that,” I told her and looked back to the front, where I could surreptitiously watch her in the mirror behind the bar. Her light brown skin was held tight in place by a white dress that showed far more than it covered.

She was forward, I’d give her that much. “How would you like your luck to change?”

I stared in disbelief, not entirely sure whether I wanted to ask how. Part of me was intrigued by the possibilities, but the other part reminded me over and over again that nothing good usually happened when I met pretty women in unfamiliar places.

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  1. Pretty women have been the downfall of men the universe over *grins*

  2. "With one glance at the woman standing there, my grip on the weapon relaxed, though my grip on the bottle didn’t."

    Great line--says so much!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    Misa, you'd be surprised how many times he falls into similar traps. Boy never learns... ;-)

    I did enjoy that line, Heidi. It's right up there among my favorites, just like Little White Truths and the line "I never thought I would one day become an addict."


  4. Uh, oh. Nothing good can come of this. But what's Aston to do. I mean, that dress... Well, you know... :p 'Temptation' definitely seems an appropriate title. Very sexy.

    Can't wait to dive into Aston's adventures. Your book's next on my list.

  5. Yup, there's plenty of temptation that Aston's going to have to resist in this one...and unfortunately, a tight-fitting dress isn't going to be the only thing drawing him in deeper. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh, no! Aston does it again...get's himself into trouble. This looks like another interesting read. Can't wait for its "coming out" party.

    Ha! There you go mentioning someone else with my name. Heheh. Thanks. Anytime!

  7. Thanks for stopping by!

    I imagine this one will be a while before it's edited, but it might just be another one to show up in a Triple-Shot. I do want to see a few stories come out in free magazines, though, so...decisions, decisions.

  8. Sound like his hand shouldn't have relaxed quite so fast.

  9. Definitely! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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