09 December 2011

SFFS: Another Excerpt from HEROES DIE YOUNG

Neck-deep into new material and edits galore, it was a bit of a trick to find a snippet for this week's Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. So, for this week, I'm going to reach back into the past a bit, and get another excerpt from my first published novel, Heroes Die Young.  Here's a snippet, this one a little bit racier, between Aston and his best friend's (adult, for those wondering) daughter:

Her assault on my senses continued as she combed her fingers through my hair, and our mouths pressed against one another.

As she reached down to my pants, my conscience slapped me upside the head and I grabbed her arm. “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

She pulled away and folded her arms across her chest. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes drooped. “Please leave.”

“If the circumstances were different, Juniper, I…”

Her eyes burned through me. “Leave!”

Poor Aston can never catch a break...

If you enjoyed this, click the link to HDY up there, and check out the whole first chapter. And of course, what really gets me motivated toward putting out Aston's latest adventures is to see the book being sold and enjoyed. Pick up a copy! You'll be glad you did...