16 December 2011

SFFS: An Excerpt from my Newest, THE CURE

Pushing to get a major chunk of my Aston novel RESURRECTION, I figured I'd take this week's Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippet from my latest published novel, The Cure. For those who haven't seen this one, it involves Mila Groso, a scientist who's lost her family and in her distress, makes up her mind to develop a cure for death. Unfortunately, not everyone is after her research for the same reasons:

Jorja smiled, knowing she still had her lover under complete control. Her feet padded along the floor as she eased inside a shower cube. Pressing a green button on the waterproof panel before her, streams of cleansing water slammed against her naked body. The warmth drove deep into her exhausted bones, relieving her tension and washing off the filth that came with her job.

She’d have to inform her superiors how close Mila’s lab was. In Jorja’s opinion, they needed to confront her immediately and put forth their demands. Once the cure proved effective, they had to have it. Mila would hand it over, or join her family a little sooner than she thought.

Jorja smiled as the door creaked open once more. When naked flesh brushed against her back, she turned and pinned her lover against the damp wall, then they kissed.

If you enjoyed this tidbit, catch the full first chapter on my site. And of course, the novel is available in e-book and paperback versions all over the place.