23 October 2006

Politics in all its Wisdom

Politics amuse me.
On my home planet, we still exist under a monarchy of sorts, so this entire voting process is foreign to me. As such, it boggles my mind how nasty and vile the various candidates can become.

Case in point, the race for Attorney General in Kansas between the Republican incumbent and the Democratic challenger.

As with the earlier race, this one has included some vicious claims about each other.

This race has even gotten national attention, mainly from the fact that the incumbent ran into opposition over his desire to review medical records to prosecute child rape cases...

To make matters even more interesting, apparently the Democratic challenger used to be a Republican, and switched parties to run against the incumbent. And then, a former Republican Attorney General endorsed him.

And then, to make an exciting race even more exciting, if the Republican incumbent loses the race, he could end up taking the job left vacant by his Democratic challenger.

As I said before, this whole politics thing amuses me.

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