10 April 2018

Weekly Goals - April 8, 2018

Currently attempting to meet my April goals. Did well this past weekend, to salvage an otherwise uneventful week. Also finished up a first draft for the first time in a long while. So, hoping momentum will carry me through the next week.

1. Complete 1500 words on my "Demonkiller" WIP. - Wrote over 650 words on this, which technically fell in the realm of my weekly goals for the month, but not the specific weekly goal I'd set up.
2. Complete 625 words on a new short story. - Still working on developing a plot.

Now, my goals for the coming week:

1. Write 750 words on Before the Dawn.
2. Write 750 words on my "Demonkiller" WIP.
3. Write 750 words on my sci-fi suspense/mystery novel.
4. Write 625 words on a new Aston West short story.

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