01 November 2014

Monthly Goals - November 2014

For those who missed it back in January, I set up the writing goals I aim to accomplish in 2014. Right after writing that post, I then read Dean Wesley Smith's post about how to be successful at your writing goals.

This past month, I've felt like a sloth by hardly getting anything accomplished. Thankfully, I had the forethought to adjust my goals accordingly (I guess), so things look a little better than they were. Here's how I did against my October goals:

1. Complete final draft of "Inoculation" - Completed, and included in the new short story collection
2. Finalize paperback version of the Heroes Die Young second edition - Finalized, and proof copies are on their way.
3. Finalize new short story collection - All put together, and attempting to come up with a cover concept for The Dirty Dozen
4. Plot out two new short stories - Not Started

And now, the goals for November:

1. Write 3,000 words on my new novel, tentatively titled Healer
2. Finalize new short story collection
3. Plot out two new short stories

Here's to everyone striving to accomplish their writing goals for 2014!

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