21 December 2012

My Upcoming Reads

With the day job now done for the year...it's time to kick back, get a little work done around the house, and get some reading (and maybe writing, but we'll see) done. I generally load up a handful of books or so at a time, and then read through them all before loading up another handful. So, what's on tap?

I'm currently reading Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds. So far, it's been a real bear to get through, with all of the things I despise the most about hard science fiction. There have been a few redeeming points to the plot, but I'm still struggling through at the half-way point.

And what's on deck? The following titles, in no particular order:

Year Zero by Rob Reid. I picked this book up on the advice of a friend who has read my own books.

Fearless by Jack Campbell. I'd previously read the first book in the Lost Fleet series, and enjoyed it quite a bit (even though I'm still trying to get my head around paying so much for e-books). So, I decided to plunk down a bit more money (actually, it helps that I received a gift card for my birthday last month) for the next book in the series.

Flank Hawk by Terry W Ervin. Again, I picked up the above book on the advice of a friend (who, by chance, is the author of the next book listed).

Renegade by Angie Lofthouse. I've known Angie for some time now, and if I'm correct, I believe I actually beta-read this manuscript prior to it being published.

Looking forward to all of these reads. Hopefully I can get through my current one in good time, and have plenty of vacation left to get most of these others finished as well.