12 October 2012

Baiting the Trap ("Genesis" Continues)

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback you give on my snippets, but be sure to go visit all of the other writers through the SFFS link above as well.

I'm slowly bringing out snippets from "Genesis," a story that I'd written long ago. So, if you didn't catch the previous snippets,catch the story so far

The boys just got thrown into the middle of a fight between a Gohr and a man who could be suicidal (for choosing to fight with one). It's time to see what Colin's answer is to Azrael's question:
I shook my head as fast as I could. I valued my life, wasn’t suicidal, and didn’t plan on going toe-to-toe with this beast. Whether Gabriel wished to die, or was just plain stupid, remained to be seen.

A hearty, evil laugh passed from the beast’s throat as he turned back to Gabriel. “This is turning into an excellent evening. Not only do I get to reclaim my brother’s money, but I get to finish his handiwork.”

With a quick flick of his wrist, a blade appeared in his right hand, and gleamed in the candlelight. The bartender dove below the counter, while the other furry beasts stood from their chairs, and made their way over. The old passed-out miner still hadn’t moved.

Azrael’s eyes flashed red once again. “I shall enjoy slicing you apart.”

Be sure to come back next week for yet another installment. Again, I always enjoy your comments!


  1. I get the sneaky suspicion that Gabriel has something up his sleeve as well, but I don't think it's a knife.

  2. Nice build up brewing...I'm ready for the slam-down show down!! Hurry up already. Love that line: "This is turning into an excellent evening." Nice touch of humour in the middle of a tense situation. :)

  3. OK, damn, if Gabriel doesn't have something up his sleeve, this could get scary. Because Azrael has got a serious thirst for blood. 10 sentences is not near enough at this point. What's going to happen?!

  4. Wonderful extract. I think the bartender has the right idea, though. :P

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Yes, Gayle, I'd be diving to the floor as well...and after something like three weeks of build-up, it's time for some action! :-)

    And if memory serves, next week's snippet may or may not make readers toss in the towel. We'll see.

  6. I'm putting my money on the old, passed-out, miner being a disguised warrior/assassin. Love it, but then you know how I love good space-bar fights.

  7. So do I, though this one may not turn out the way you'd expect...but I can go on the record of admitting that the miner stays asleep/passed out through the entire thing.

  8. I have a feeling Gabriel has a lot more than he's shown so far, but I'd dive with the barman, too.

  9. Eeek! Love how everyone else is just diving out the way - wise move.

  10. I hope Gabriel can finish what he started!

  11. Oh, I definitely think it's going to be finished...though whether it's going to be Gabriel or not remains to be seen. :-)

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting!


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