20 July 2012

SFFS: A Snippet from "Temptation"

Welcome to another installment of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday on the blog. Thanks for all the feedback you give on my snippets, but be sure to go visit all of the other writers through the SFFS link above as well.

Apologies for breaking into the "Genesis" snippets, but I'd like to pop in and announce the release of my latest (and long overdue) Aston West Triple-Shot, featuring my short story "Temptation" (which was previously previewed over here) and two other stories. Read this snippet from the feature story, and if you enjoy it (and even if you don't), be sure to check out the full book, which is available exclusively over at Amazon for 90 days. As a special bonus, it's available this weekend for FREE on the Kindle. So, pick up a copy while you can! And enjoy the snippet:

But changing my luck was at the forefront of my mind, and I wanted to find out her intentions. “And how’s that?”

She sat on the adjacent stool, clasping her hands on the counter, her gloves matching her dress. “I need some...services, and am willing to pay handsomely.”

I probably should have figured out what these services were beforehand, but the magic word ‘pay’ was what drew my attention most, and rightfully so. “How much do you consider handsomely?”

She broke her hands free from their hold on one another, and ran a smooth gloved finger up my jacket sleeve. “Not to worry, I have access to vast supplies of credits. You will not go away wanting for anything.”

I suppressed a shiver.

Again, I always enjoy your comments, and don't forget to pick up your FREE copy of the full Triple-Shot over this weekend!


  1. nice snippet TM! Could you send the lady my way; I need the credits too!!

  2. Lovely snippet. I'd love to sit down with Aston sometime over a Gallis Rye.

  3. Good old Aston, he has one thing on his mind.

  4. Oh no! Don't do it!! Heheh...good stuff as always!

  5. Thanks, everyone! Here he is with a potential good thing (on all fronts) about to happen...it's not always gloom and doom.


    Don't forget to pick up your free copy over at Amazon this weekend!

  6. Loved the tactile details in this. Made it very absorbing. I'm totally down for a free copy of good writing, even if my TBR is starting to get a little outrageous. :)

  7. Might as well snag it down this weekend while it's free. They don't expire while on your device, as far as I know... :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. There are so many ways to get satisfaction, no matter what Mick Jagger says.... :) well done!

  9. That's indeed true, but Aston has a hard time finding them most of the time... ;-)


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