04 September 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: "Some Assembly Required"

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Today's six sentences come from my latest published short story "Some Assembly Required". Poor Aston gets himself into a big mess of a situation, when he stumbles across a planet where things aren't always as they seem:

I walked out and bumped into Libby on the top step. Instinctively, I wrapped my arm around her waist before she fell.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

I looked up. Ford stood between the containers and a second hovercraft that looked like a flatbed cargo truck. His arms were crossed and his face burned red.


Poor Aston...

So, there you have it...if you want to read more, the entire piece is up over at Residential Aliens. And of course, I have several other published short stories which are linked over at my website, most of which are free (you can also purchase Dead or Alive, a full collection of Aston West short stories via ResAliens Press, in both print and e-formats)


  1. Oh this is interesting. Don't think I've read this Aston yet. I'd better click across and do so. :)

  2. Oh, I think I need to read more! Nice six.

  3. Interesting to see where this going. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for stopping by! TK, this is the latest one that just came out through Residential Aliens. Free to read for everyone...and for those who'd like to read more and didn't catch it in the original post, there's a link provided.

  5. Guess you'll need to read the whole story and find out... ;-)

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

  6. When Aston's involved, it usually is... :-P

  7. uh-oh...busted. What will happen next? Hope you'll share more next week :)

  8. I'll probably share some more, but likely from a different story...this one's available for free via the link (in the original post). ;-)


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