23 September 2011

SFFS - An Excerpt from "Little White Truths"

Well, apparently I was blind last week and even though I'd looked, didn't catch the 4-10 sentence guideline on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday postings. So, tucking my tail between my legs, I humbly submit my excerpt this week. This particular excerpt comes from my first-ever published short story, "Little White Truths" (which is part of my short story collection Dead or Alive):

I never thought I would one day become an addict.

Looking back, it was inevitable, with my long trips alone in a cramped spaceship. It leads to boredom, which doesn’t have a lot of cures. There was no clear moment in time I could point to when the solution turned to full-blown addiction. Instead, it was more gradual and sinister, until the realization became obvious.

“Would you like another, sir?”

I looked up at the light brown man in a stiff, white shirt as he stood next to my table. I glanced down at the pale green remnants of some drink I’d forgotten the name of.