23 September 2011

SFFS - An Excerpt from "Little White Truths"

Well, apparently I was blind last week and even though I'd looked, didn't catch the 4-10 sentence guideline on Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday postings. So, tucking my tail between my legs, I humbly submit my excerpt this week. This particular excerpt comes from my first-ever published short story, "Little White Truths" (which is part of my short story collection Dead or Alive):

I never thought I would one day become an addict.

Looking back, it was inevitable, with my long trips alone in a cramped spaceship. It leads to boredom, which doesn’t have a lot of cures. There was no clear moment in time I could point to when the solution turned to full-blown addiction. Instead, it was more gradual and sinister, until the realization became obvious.

“Would you like another, sir?”

I looked up at the light brown man in a stiff, white shirt as he stood next to my table. I glanced down at the pale green remnants of some drink I’d forgotten the name of.


  1. lol, we all make mistakes :-)

    the snippet - am wondering if the addiction is to drink, like the pale green stuff, or something else. Intriguing snippet.

  2. I've never been addicted to anything (except the odd TV show) but I've seen enough to know how insidious addictions are. And this captures it well.

  3. Never mind :)

    Sounds like absinthe! Another good snippet.

  4. It does tend to lead one to assume that he's referring to the drinking, but reading the full story (you can also snag a free copy over on Wattpad, or via my short story page on AstonWest.com

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  5. That was supposed to say "reading the full story is the only way to know for sure."

    I have a tendency to get dis...squirrel!

  6. Interesting to see space travel portrayed as something other than glamorous and exciting.

  7. Well, it's usually exciting, but not in a good way. Sadly, the low spots of society have a way of transcending both time and space...


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