01 June 2011

Weekly Goals - May 31, 2011

Sadly, I should know better than to think a convention will be a place where I can get work done...

Results for this week:

1. Nearly 700 words completed on the first draft of "Simplicity"
2. Not submitted
3. Revisions completed

And now the goals for this coming week:

1. 1000 words on "Simplicity"
2. Submit "Double Trouble"
3. Submit "Sweet Embrace"

Submission status for the week:

Short stories:
"Double Trouble" (Need to submit)
"Generations" (since May 24)
"Some Assembly Required" (since April 23)
"Collateral" (since May 23)
"Sweet Embrace" (Need to submit)


  1. 700 words is great for a week with a con in it. I always think I will write there too. Doesn't happen. I really need to get busy right now though!

  2. I did get some editing done at the con, but that was only because attendance was low in the dealer room... :-)


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