30 May 2010

ConQuest 41: Day Two

Another fun-filled day at ConQuest. Today was filled with all manner of costumes and toys, and for those who are fans of the Friends in Deed page over on Facebook, pictures will be posted in the next few days. The rest of you? Why aren't you fans yet?

The saga of the busted door continued for the second day, and it still has issues, but we've not bothered continuing to ask about it. Between two or three reprogramming attempts on the door, and even more new sets of keys (you'd think they wouldn't need to see a photo ID anymore), we're just happy that half the time the door opens without a manager escort.

Picked up a few new books from the Yard Dog Press booth to add to my stack-o-stuff to read. Should be interesting to see when I eventually get to sit down and enjoy them.

And now, as the hours wane in this final evening of the convention (before another fun day tomorrow), it's time to say so long and farewell.

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