29 May 2010

ConQuest 41: Day One

The newly-formed Saturday special feature is on hiatus this week, as I'm up here at ConQuest 41 in Kansas City this weekend. Be not afraid, as I'll be back next week with an extra special feature.

So, in its place, here's a short blurb on the first day.

First off, the hotel (Hyatt Regency Crown Center) is pretty amazing. Big open lobby (with some history for those with long memories or mad Google skillz) with connections to various shopping and restaurants (sadly, nothing cheap).

Unfortunately, they charge for parking, even for guests. That's a real downer. Also on the wish list is free wi-fi in the rooms (they only have it for free in the lobby, you have to pay for it in the room). Heck, even Motel 6 in Wichita has that much.

And then, we've been having a heck of a time getting them to fix our door latch/lock. That's another story entirely.

The con itself: Not sure what attendance has been in the past on the first day (Friday), but it seemed fairly decent from other cons I've been to recently. Maybe the economy is truly back on the way up.

My spot in the dealer room ended up getting moved after I'd set up my stuff. Just glad they got it mostly close to what I'd set up, since I was up in the room trying to nap off a massive headache (which didn't go away until much later that night). Across the massive aisle from me is Yard Dog Press, which has always impressed me with their ability to promote their press and their authors.

Unfortunately, despite the seemingly good attendance, it looked and sounded (from other vendors I spoke with) like everyone was being very cautious about making any purchases. Not a big departure from other Fridays on the con circuit, but still a bit disappointing. But, hey, today is Saturday, and we should get some excitement.

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