27 December 2006

Title Match

So, I've been reading a wondrous book on self-publishing (and don't let it fool you, it gives a number of great thoughts and ideas, regardless of how your books will be sent out into the wild) this past week, and just passed through a section on titles.

So, of course, Friends in Deed (the current title of my recently finished WIP) is now being thrust into a total free-for-all, taking on all challengers.

Will it retain its glorious honor of being the title? Will it be tossed out over the top ring rope?

Trick is, the major push of the story is that Aston comes across a pair of old friends who in the end, don't turn out to be his friends at all. So, for the longest time, the title always seemed to fit (plus, I liked the play on words (Are Friends in Deed Friends Indeed?))

Enter the latest WIP, currently titled Death Brings the Victory.

Because of things that happen in Friends in Deed (as currently titled), I began thinking that maybe Death Brings the Victory may be a suitable title for Friends in Deed (confused yet?). And perhaps I modify it up some (but still drop DBV as the title for the new WIP) and it could become Death Is the Victory (a play on the title of an old church hymn, Faith Is the Victory).

Or maybe Death Makes the Victory, because everyone loves the DMV...

And then again, maybe I should start from scratch on a title. As I mentioned, this book on self-publishing has a lot of good ideas, including ways to come up with a title.

So, we'll see what happens...

In the meantime, root for your favorite. I love comments...