17 June 2006

A Spiritual Question for the Masses

God is the creator of all things, so why did God create hell?
(and the follow-on question of why did God create the devil?)


  1. Was not Lucifer one of God's most powerful angels, along with Michael and Gabriel? Did God create Hell and make Lucifer the Prince of Darkness, to reign on earth and in hell as his punishment for trying to gain political power in heaven? I'm not a scholar so have more questions than answers, which I suspect might be where the scholars are too.

  2. Might make for an interesting short story, either way...

  3. The story comes from pagan roots, which unlike current theologies was based in reality. The heavens are above, obviously, and the fire is down below. Ironically for me the name of a Steven Seagal film I was in a few years ago. It's this internal, quasi-eternal flame that allows life to occur here. That's a good thing regardless of how folks think on any subject. The rest is fictional storytelling which homonids are evolutionarily trained to do.


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