18 June 2006

The Jareo Effect Rolls On

Anyone remember my earlier commentary?

It seems as if the effect is still alive and kicking, this time with a new source. I mean, really, in this era of world-wide internet available on a whim, no one should think their postings are going to be private. So, the only thing a person could be doing it for is the attention...and lo and behold, the world is giving it to them.

It's rather sad, though, that she's in trouble because her girlfriend posted the pictures. Does no one learn from the exploits of such (former?) celebrities as Pamela Anderson? If people are taking pictures or video of you, make sure you destroy them (the media, not the people, though on a good day...).

Aston West
Tamara Hoover


  1. I leave naked pictures of myself all over the place, but they never seem to end up on the net.

  2. I'm thankful for that, for one...


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