Short Stories

All the Short Stories from Aston's Universe:

(Ring of Fire Sampler, Vol. 1)
Galactic bounty hunter Kasey Reynolds is trying to salvage her career. But can she stay alive long enough to do so?

Sweet Embrace
(Mindflights, January 2012)
Aston finds himself with a little problem...really little, and definitely a problem. Come along on the journey, and find out how it all came to pass.

Some Assembly Required
(ResAliens, August 2011)
Lost on a planet of technological superiority, Aston discovers that even an advanced civilization can be mired in ancient behaviors.

Deadly Decisions 
(The Lorelei Signal, July 2011)
A fugitive hunter-turned-assassin learns a lesson in letting her heart get involved in her assignment.

Double Trouble
(Free Read at Wattpad)
Kasey Reynolds had it all, but now she only has one chance to keep it.

(Digital Dragon Magazine, April 2011)
Aston meets up with an old acquaintance, and the results are a little more than he expects.

(Free Download at Smashwords)
Aston West should know by now not to trust in skin-deep beauty. Even that knowledge, however, won't get him out of his latest jam.

(Ray Gun Revival, Issue 56)
Awaking from a drunken stupor, Aston discovers his life has been held under judgment without his knowledge. Unfortunately, he's as guilty as sin!

Conventional Wisdom
(ResAliens, July 2010)
As Aston discovers, sometimes everything you thought you knew occasionally gets turned on its head.

Unholy Trinity
(Digital Dragon, March 2010)
Upon boarding a derelict, Aston can't help but ponder the decisions he's made and the life he's had for himself since.

(ResAliens, November 2009)
Personal redemption is messy business, and Aston needs as much redemption as he can get when he discovers the true nature of his cargo.

(Ray Gun Revival, Issue 46)
She is his slave and he is her master, but she can still teach him about the dangers of greed.

No Good Deed 
(Ray Gun Revival, Issue 43)
Sometimes criminals aren't as bright as they would have themselves appear to be.

Ever Dark
( Ray Gun Revival, Issue 37)
Aston goes with his instincts, only to get more than he bargained for.

Little White Truths
(Ray Gun Revival, Issue 33)
Addictions can be hard to break, especially when they're so much fun.

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