29 September 2018

Welcome to Siouxpercon!

Welcome to everyone stopping by the website after picking up materials at Siouxpercon! Having a great time at this, my first visit. Friday was an atypical first day for a 3-day con, with things a bit slow for most of the day until everyone got off work. And then business picked up, and had one of the better first days (sales-wise) than I'd had in a while. Here's hoping for a great rest of the weekend...stop on by and pick up copies of my titles, including my latest, Stormrunner (which is making its con debut this weekend).

 This fellow below (his name is Steve) is our neighbor across the aisle, courtesy of the folks at the Fear Asylum. He seems to sleep a lot, until someone inevitably wakes him up, and then he gets all loud and cranky (but don't we all!). It's always fun to see the reactions the crowd has when he awakens.

Another first this weekend is that I was able to meet my writer friend (whom I've known online for some time), Doug White. Stop by his table and check out his books as well!

Lots of good stuff to see here at Siouxpercon...and good thing they put these guys next to the Fear Asylum crew...because who else are you gonna call?

So, looking forward to a great weekend here at Siouxpercon, and hope to see you all at the table! And if you've already come by, check out the links near the top of the page (or the drop-down on mobile devices) where you can find excerpts from my novels/novellas and collections, and then head on over to Amazon, where you can buy any of my books (or you can stop by the table this weekend and get them at a discounted rate)

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