21 August 2015

SFFS: Snippet #6 From Inoculation (a DIRTY DOZEN story)

Welcome back, everyone, to another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. As mentioned in prior weeks, my new Aston short story collection Dirty Dozen is available over at Amazon, I figured I'd continue on with my snippets from the last several weeks.

First, the blurb:

Join space pirate Aston West in the second collection of short stories from his universe, featuring classic space opera tales by T. M. Hunter. Building on Aston's first collection (Dead or Alive), these stories feature even more wild adventures, unforgettable characters, and exciting plot twists to satisfy your space opera appetite.

So, here's the next snippet, from my short story "Inoculation":
It seemed rather odd timing for a system failure. I looked around the cockpit, but saw no indication otherwise that the communication system was down. First, Jeanie wasn’t detecting issues that were obvious to anyone who could see, and now she was detecting issues that didn’t seem to be there.

She continued, “Shall I resume our original flight plan?”

“No, I think we should stay right here and get to the bottom of this communication system failure.” That, and I had no inclination to allow Jeanie to take me up to hyperspeed levels. For all I knew, an undetected or commanded failure of the coolant system could turn my ship into a ball of liquid metal.

She fell silent and we remained in normal space with the communication beacon in view, which made me breathe a sigh of relief. Because of those on my planet who had seen sentient machines as a potential threat, Jeanie’s creators had been forced to install obedience code into her software. At least that seemed to still be in place, and she had to do what I said.

“Take us closer to the beacon. Let me know when we’re within range.”

Her voice was cool, calm and collected. “The thruster control system is down.”

Hope you enjoyed it! If so, pick up a copy from the link above. And not to worry, edits are still going on with my next Aston novel, All Good Things. Twenty-one chapters are now edited, and another eleven to go, and then it will be heading off to beta readers to see what they think.

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