24 July 2015

SFFS: Snippet #3 from Inoculation (a DIRTY DOZEN story)

Welcome back, everyone, to another week of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. As mentioned in prior weeks, my new Aston short story collection Dirty Dozen is now available over at Amazon, I figured I'd continue on with the snippets from the last several weeks.

First, the blurb:

Join space pirate Aston West in the second collection of short stories from his universe, featuring classic space opera tales by T. M. Hunter. Building on Aston's first collection (Dead or Alive), these stories feature even more wild adventures, unforgettable characters, and exciting plot twists to satisfy your space opera appetite.

(Again note: Most of the stories in this collection were previously available in my various Triple-Shot collections. Dirty Dozen puts them all in one collection, and also provides an opportunity for those folks who would like to pick them up in paperback form...coming soon)

So, here's the next snippet, from my short story "Inoculation":
A set of emergency lights popped on, providing a minimum amount of illumination around the area. I pulled the bottle away from my lips, and called out, “Jeanie?”

“Yes, Aston,” she responded as if nothing had just happened.

“Why did the lights all just go out?”

“I’m not detecting any issues with the lighting system,” she told me in an extra matter-of-factly tone.

Of course not. Why would I have expected anything else? “I’m standing right here, and all of the lights just went out. All I have to see by are these puny emergency lights.”

“You seem to be angry with me,” she commented.

“I’m not angry, just concerned. Things seem to be falling apart on this ship, and you’re not detecting anything wrong. Doesn’t that seem a bit concerning?”

“Are you sure that you aren’t simply hallucinating? You’ve been drinking, after all.”

Hope you enjoyed it! If so, pick up a copy from the link above. And not to worry, edits are still going on with my next Aston novel, All Good Things.

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