18 April 2015

Insomnia Time

Just sitting around on a way-too-early Saturday morning...going to be heading to an event here in a few hours. Noticed it's been around three months since my last post, so figured I'd post a small update.

I have editing I could be doing on my latest Aston novel, but I really don't feel like it. I find myself constantly thinking, why bother?

I have a short story collection all loaded up for release, just waiting on me to determine what cover art I should ask for, but I really don't feel like messing with that either. Again, why bother?

Truly, my motivation and desire for writing anything has disappeared.

I have folks in my circles who have suggested that I try to write something in another genre (since most of work has been for the Aston stories). I've sat down and attempted to brainstorm other stories I could write, and again, the motivation and desire just isn't there.

Maybe this is what the end feels like?

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