20 December 2014

The Next 90 Days

So, it's been about another 90 days since my last update. Sadly, after completing my first draft of Life and Death, things just fell flat. I began working on a couple of projects, and then around the first week of October, everything stopped.

To be fair, life's circumstances got involved to a large extent, although in the past, that hasn't really stopped everything, just slowed it down a bit. Still, these specific circumstances have been fairly invasive, so who knows for sure?

Motivation has been in the tank, which is likely most of the issue. I start looking at things as a benefit-to-energy-expended ratio. In other words, why continue to put out so much effort at something that gains me nothing? Perhaps that's a bit short-sighted, but as I grow older (having reached another birthday during this period), I start to wonder how much more time I should continue to spend at this pursuit...

Now that I'm in the final stretch of the year, I do have some time off work, so we'll see whether I can get my final batches of editing done on both my novella Fallen, as well as the next Aston series novel, Life and Death. Combining that with my upcoming release of The Dirty Dozen short story collection, maybe things will finally turn the corner. Maybe the start of a brand new year will give me a fresh outlook on life (to be fair, 2014 has been a really crappy year).

So, who knows?

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