23 September 2013

Cover Reveal - Downtrodden and Other Adventures

Those on my Facebook fan page have already seen this, but for those of who aren't over there already, check out the cover art for my latest installment of the Triple-Shot series, featuring the following three stories:

Continue reading this third installment of three short stories from the exciting universe of space pirate Aston West. Travel across vast worlds filled with adventure and intrigue, and enjoy the following stories:

"Bait and Switch": No good deed goes unpunished, as Aston discovers when he tries to lend assistance to someone in need. But never count Aston out...

"Adrift": The vastness of space travel can weigh heavy on any soul. When one has depended on liquid encouragement for so long, what happens when there's not a drop to drink?

"Downtrodden": Sometimes Aston learns more than he really wants to about the cargo he carries, and ends up facing a moral dilemma bigger than an entire galaxy.

Be on the lookout for this latest Triple-Shot, coming soon for all your e-book devices!

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