14 June 2013

SFFS: THE CURE continues

Well, third week in a row...I think this might be a record in recent memory. Welcome back, everyone who's been following my last several snippets from The Cure as part of the weekly Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday posts. Pippa had commented on last week's snippet that we don't yet know what Project Genesis is about. Well, for those who haven't already gone over to see The Cure's page, today's snippet will hopefully give it away. The two Guardians (those darn religious zealots) are getting a might bit impatient, I'd say...

“I can’t stop anything, if I don’t know what I’m supposed to stop doing.”

“You need to stop searching for a death cure, or there will be dire consequences for everyone.”

Mila stopped short. How did they know the details of the project? The young man raised an eyebrow. “Today.”

The denial was getting tougher, now that she’d heard what they knew. “I don’t know what you’re...”

The woman’s voice grew cold and stern. “Kill Project Genesis."

Oh my!

Well, for those who have not yet picked up their own copy of The Cure, you'll be happy to know that another snippet will be coming out next week. Alas, it will be the final one...

In the meantime, be sure to go check out the rest of the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday snippets and don't forget to buy some books. You'll be glad you did.


  1. A death cure? How intriguing.... I see how the religious zealots may have a problem with that.

    Having popped over to The Cure's page, I completely understand her motivation though.

  2. This reminds me of discussions with my kids - you know they're lying but they just refuse to admit it. I'm sure she has good reason though.

  3. I agree! Stop it! Stop it now! A death cure would indeed have dire consequences. The silly adverts are already playing over in my head.

  4. Tara, if you think the zealots are bad, wait until you meet their leader...whew! :-)

    Pippa, she does...and unfortunately, her fears all come true. ;-)

    Cary, one friend of mine pointed out the inherent troubles presented by a world full of immortality. Maybe that's why Mila isn't wanting to share? :-)

    Thanks, guys, for stopping by!

  5. I can't imagine being immortal. It must get quite boring after a while... Nice little tension building here. Good stuff as always!

  6. Oh dang. this is one of these scene that makes you go "dun, dun ,dun"

    I sense a do or die situation

  7. TK, I can't imagine being immortal and having to continue to try and pump out new books year after year...that would be exhausting!

    Mad Writer, I tend to have those types of scenes a lot, in all of my writing. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by, all!


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