19 April 2013

Get a Little Taste

Just wanted to post a tidbit, in case you missed it through my sporadic posts on Facebook and Twitter...but two of my e-book titles are currently available for free (unfortunately, Amazon hasn't yet followed suit).

Aston's faced the law many times, but now they have a secret weapon that could bring him down for good in my novella Seeker, available for free over at Barnes and Noble and over at Smashwords (and maybe others...click here to check the other formats). 

In this first of a new series of collections, Aston West is featured in the following stories:

"Ever Dark": Aston goes with his instincts, only to get more than he bargained for.

"Samaritan": No good deed ever goes unpunished, as Aston discovers in spades.

"Dead Man's Forge": When all hope seems lost, sometimes you just have to give your all anyway.

Pick it up at Barnes and Noble or Smashwords.

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