10 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: The Cure

Just figured I'd join in on the Six Sentence Sunday craze that I've seen over and over again on Twitter...so here is my first contribution, a segment from the first chapter of my upcoming novel, The Cure:

Random as it had been, her family ended up dead, because she always put work ahead of everything else in her life.

With a sigh, she eased her eyelids open, blinking away tears and glancing back and forth between the corpses. A small smile formed while the liquid train slowed. Increasing hope filled her heart, knowing she had a plan, even though formed from grief and desperation. With every passing moment, Mila knew without a doubt she was getting closer to the cure she’d been seeking these last ten months.

The cure for death.


  1. Thanks! And this next week, I guess I'll do it right and sign up at the Six Sentence Sunday site (who knew?)...


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